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Animal furs have always been used in the fly tying.
Derived from many different species, they are used for tie streamers, dry flies, nymphs, wet flies. The most used and known are certainly the fur coats of ungulate, among which deer, mouflon, roe deer and chamois, fur used mainly for the tying of sedge, plecoptera and terrestrial, these in fact, if used correctly, make the flies very dry floating because inside they have small air chambers that will support them on the surface during fishing.
Excellent for fly tying are certainly also the hare furs and the badger fur, these do not have particular floating properties, the hare fur however is excellent for tie the nymphs, even if some montages require the use of its hair due to the rigidity properties but at the same time elasticity to reproduce hackles for the dry flies, the badger fur instead has a very long hair, elastic and resistant, these characteristics make it perfect for the construction of antennas and tails of flies dry and nymphs.


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