Mallard feathers , have always been used in the  fly tying . Its feathers are often used to tie flies'...

Cul de canard (CDC)

Cul de canard  alias  Cdc  is probably the most used feather in the world for  fly tying . You can use it in...

Pheasant feathers

Pheasant feathers have always been used for fly tying . It was one of the most readily available materials,...

Peacock feathers

Peacock feathers have always been used in fly tying , easy to find, its fibers are used wrapped on the hook to...

Partridge feathers

Partridge feathers  are one of the feathers I love most to use in  fly tying . Unique without equal they are...

Ostrich feathers

Ostrich feathers  are very underrated for  fly tying . With a softness, lightness and sinuosity in the water...

Rooster feathers

Rooster feathers | Fly Tying The  rooster feathers , used in  fly tying , are certainly among the feathers...

Turkey feathers

Turkey feathers | Fly tying The  turkey feathers  used in the  Fly tying  are an excellent resource. Its...

Soft Hackles

Soft Hackle | Fly tying The soft hackles are soft feathers , they are used in fly tying to give movement to the...


Skin | Fly tying In fly tying , the skins are very important, certainly more demanding on the economic level...

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Feathers | Fly tying

The feather for fly tying are basic materials when it comes to imitating an insect.
Many types of feather that are used to tie flies, soft hackles, or rather soft feathers, are normally used to tie wet flies, nymphs, streamer of various gernere.
Hard hackles or stiff feathers, on the other hand, are normally used for dry flies.
In reality, which sets limits in fly tying is only the human mind because it associates certain materials with certain dressings. So much so that the cock feathers as well as being usater for tails of dried flies can be used to tie streamers and the other way around for the poorly evaluated ostrich feathers.

With a good selection of feathers, all of high quality, you can tie flies of all kinds, saving time just because you can use them more easily.

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