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Cape and Saddle | Fly tying

Capes and saddle for fly tying are of various kinds, they can be found of Indian origin, necks of hen necks and shoulders of brand.
The substantial difference between the various types is the quality of these and the type of down.

Indian capes

Indian capes are used to tie the tails of flies, we can hardly use them for other applications because the herl of the feathers, are very long and rigid, are also called "swords".

Hen necks

Hen necks are normally used to build wet flies, the feathers are very soft and lend themselves well to the creation of the legs of these flies.

Metz capes and saddle

Capes and saddle in our case Metz are instead of intensive breeding, where the specific feather for tie of dry flies and streamer is selected by genetic modification.

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