Fly tying materials

Fly tying materials

Fly tying tools and vices

Fly tying tools and vices | Fly tying Fly tying tools and vices for fly tying are fundamental , there...

Fly fishing hooks

Fly fishing hooks | Fly tying Fly fishing hooks are easily distinguishable from other types of hooks because...


Sinkers | Fliy tying Sinkers are essential for fly tying that must work below the surface of the water . Among...

Glues and waxes

Glues and waxes | Fly tying There are many types of glues and waxes to tie flies, from UV products , which react...


Feathers | Fly tying The feather for fly tying are basic materials when it comes to imitating an...

Cape and Saddle

Cape and Saddle | Fly tying Capes and saddle for fly tying are of various kinds , they can be found of Indian...


Dubbing | Fly tying Dubbing is a very important material to tie flies. Thanks to it we can tie the bodies of...

Synthetics fibers

Synthetics fibers ! Fly tying With the advent of synthetic fiber, materials for fly tying have gone to leave out...


Furs | Fly tying Animal furs have always been used in the fly tying. Derived from many different...

Thread and tinsel

Thread and Tinsel | Fly tying Thread and Tinsels are used to tie and color flies , among the many yarns there...

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Fly tying materials | Materials and tools for tie flies

Small Definition of fly tying:

The fly tying is the technical one which, by using specific fly tying tools and use of materials for fly tying, allows to tie materials of different nature to a hook in order to tie a fishing fly.

Let's see together the various types and tools to be used.

Fly tying tools and vices

Fly tying Tools and vices for fly tying are necessary if we want to tie a fly, they allow us to lock a hook through the clamps, wrap around the assembly wire or other types of wire with which all types of material are blocked.

Fly fishing hooks

The hooks are fundamental for fly tying, they are the base from which to start, it is therefore necessary to learn to know and distinguish them, the differences between barbless and non barbless, the differences between the various types love us.


Sinkers are materials for fly tying which, as the word implies, weigh it down. There are various types, from tungsten beads to cones, from eyes to lead wire. We will use these materials when we want to tie flies that sink below the surface, for example nymphs or streamer.

Glues and waxes

Glues and waxes are necessary for the assembly of dubbing or some special assembly such as mounting in a slot. These normally chemical products allow easy and correct wrapping of some materials on the wire that would normally be difficult to use.


Feathers have always been used in fly tying, obviously of animal origin there are various types, these will help more or less in the floating and in the movement the dry or submerged flies that are.

Cape and saddle

Capes and saddles are always feathers but it is nice to distinguish them because it is a material for fly tying that stands out from the others. There are companies that raise animals for this purpose and select them genetically to obtain the highest quality that is related to the length of the feathers, size of the calamus, luster and elasticity of the herls.


Dubbing is a fly tying material that is normally wrapped around the assembly line, of natural or synthetic origin, used to tie bodies and thoraxes on any type of fly.

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are of various types, to tie dry or wet flies, streamer and nymphs. Thanks to technologies, these materials are taking over natural materials even if a small niche prefers the latter because they are less polluting due to environmental issues.


The animal fur's origin are widely used as fly tying material, not all furs are indicated for these purposes, among the best and best known are certainly those of ungulates such as roe, deer, chamois deer which help in the floatation of fishing flies.

Thread and Tinsel

Very important as the hooks and the tools the thread and the tinsel are the binder for all fly tying materials, without these you cannot tie even in the simplest forms. They can be divided into various types, the main ones are the mounting wires that will allow you to tie the materials to the hook.

Fly tying materials

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