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The streamer for pike, are generally large flies. We use precisely this type of bait because insidiating a predator that can reach even considerable dimensions, up to 140 cm in very rare cases, we cannot think of attracting their attention with 10 cm streamer. Normally the pike flies range from 18 cm to 30 cm, tied mainly with synthetic materials such as flash and holographic, bucktail, good length cock feathers and Icelandic sheep.

My pike flies do not exceed 23-25 ​​cm except for exceptions, this is because the larger the fly, the more challenging it is to launch, even if it is a fishing tackled with a tail barrel 10.

The basic streamer are not sealed, it will be the balance between materials, hook and head, made in uv glue or plastic preformed heads, to allow a smooth and sinuous movement in the water.

Many fly fishermen, who tackle pike fishing, looking for these large predators in the center of the lakes, also use very leaded streamer, with heads that can even reach 10/15 grams and throw them under the feet with running lines and without the use of the fly line.

My school of thought the pike in fly should be fished with a rat's tail, if this does not happen it is not fly fishing.

Here you can find some models that I do and then a video. You can find more details in our blog about the fly in the video.

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