Fly line and leaders

Fly line and leaders

Fly line

Fly line. The fly line is the "line" or "thread" that is used in fly fishing to project a fly into...

Fly Fishing leaders and polyleaders

Fly fishing leaders and polyleaders. Fly fishing leader , are the continuation in nylon or polymers of...

Nymph leaders and strike indicators

Nymph leaders and strike indicators The specific nymph leaders are designed to have the maximum yield...

Nylon for Tip

Nylon for tippet. Nylon for tip is a line for fly fishing leaders. When connecting fly line with knot...

Accessories fly lines

Accessories fly line. The accessories for fly lines are indispensable for cleaning, ordering and...

Backing Dacron

Backing dacron. Backing or dacron , is a braided yarn, in cotton or polyester that is used as a filler...

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Fly line and accessories.

On this page you will find our proposals regarding fly line, leaders, nylon for tip, all the essential accessories for the maintenance, cleaning and order of your lines.

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