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Fly fishing

The fly fishing equipment is varied and is used only with this technique, in our online fishing shop you will find everything you need to start fishing and for the more experienced, tools such as rods, reels, mouse tails for every need, all selected with professionalism for an excellent quality / price ratio. Let's see together which.

Fly rods

Canne pesca a mosca

Among the equipment for fly fishing are a fundamental piece of equipment, of course, to be able to fly, the fly rods, but there are various types of fishing rods, starting with the first there are the starter kits and the "economic" rods that with normally more parabolic actions, they help the beginner to approach fly fishing, when the beginner begins to experience, he will later have the need to buy a more powerful rod, with fast "fast" actions, even if not everyone likes them , obviously going up in quality and performance the barrel will cost more, it is a bit like buying a bicycle, when we are children we start with the tricycle, later the mountain bike or the BMX and finally we move on to the lightened mountain bike.

Fly reels

Indispensable to fly fishing rods there are fly reels, we talked about the starter kits before, in these kits for beginners the reels will already be complete with mouse tail and therefore we will not have to do anything but go fishing when, as anticipated we will begin to want the mountain biking instead of the tricycle, we will have to start moving on reels a moment better as quality, we do not need to spend capital to fish, but there are all prices and all types.

Fly line

Another fundamental part for fly fishing are the mouse tails and the fly tips, together with the fly rod and reel we can finally face the river, tying the flies to our tip. Beware though, not all queues and tips are the same, in fact based on the type of river, lake or sea that we are, we will have to learn to choose also our mouse tails, if sinking, floating, intermediate.

Accessories dedicated to fly fishing.

In addition to the barrel, tail and fly reel there are a whole series of equipment that we will learn about, "indispensable to not", that can help us in fly fishing.

Here you can find all this and much more to practice this fishing technique, very fascinating and unique.

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